Remote teams

It is necessary to take into account the variety of remote computers that may be working together on a project from different locations. There are partners, suppliers, sales teams, development teams, etc. .. Each project could have more or less, so it is crucial to have a strategy which make sure that they are all working together.

Some potential problems when the teams are working remotely: do not feel part of the team, do not contribute waiting for instructions, to lose the perspective of the project, etc..

While nothing replaces dialogue face to face, there are resources to solve the problems inherent to remote computers: video conferencing, messaging, instantania, etc. It is important to assign in the planning of the project budget and time to keep individual contacts.

The talent has been expanded, and now you can take advantage of the experience of all over the world, so it's worth the extra effort to learn the remote management of equipment.

Warning: before you manage your remote computer, you need to hire him. This is really the first phase of its management strategy. Need team members who are experienced in the work and have proven to be disciplined to complete tasks independently.